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Right now a lot of the local desert plants are blooming, so the other day I took my camera with me on my walk through the neighborhood.

Blooming prickly pear cactus against a clear blue sky.

I love the contrast between the purple of the mature pads and the green of the new buds here.

The yellow of these flowers is so cheerful.

I believe these blooms belong to a type of agave, although I'm not sure which kind.

Itty bitty baby prickly pear pads!

I wish I had been able to get all of this beautiful palo verde in the shot, but I would have had to stand in the middle of the street to do so. These trees are so pretty in the spring, with their golden blossoms and green bark. They also provide wonderful shade--I could feel the temperature drop 10-15 degrees when I walked under this tree.

Yet another type of prickly pear--so much variety just walking down the street.

I really like the way the red flowers punctuate the long green stems of this ocotillo.

I was afraid that the afternoon light would be too harsh but I think that for the most part the photos turned out well.

I'm not sure if this is another variety of prickly pear or if its some type of cholla--they're closely related, anyhow.

It's amazing how something so severe looking can produce something so pretty and delicate. The desert is harsh, but it has its own beauty.


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