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(parenthetical asides), abundance, adverbs, anglophilia, anthropology, arcadia, archaeology, baby parrots, beads, beadwork, becoming unstuck, being painfully shy, being-disinclined-to-acquiesce-to-a-request, bellydance, brian eno, brightly colored pens, britcoms, britpop, caregiving, casa video, chicana feminism, chop chop chop cook cook cook, claire danes, classic film, cult films, denise chávez, depression, dreams, dreamwork, duct tape, elephants, embodiment, emma thompson, feminism, feminist anthropology, feminist mythmaking, film noir, flight of the conchords, fluid sexuality, folklore, freaks and geeks, frida kahlo, glam rock fairy tales, gloria anzaldúa, gratitude, haes, healing, health at every size, hobbitses, holistic medicine, imaginary pets, independent film, indulging in the occasional guilty pleasure, intersectionality, introversion, italicised hobbit angst, leonora carrington, living a simple life, maggie taylor, magical house dragons, marxist feminism, medical anthropology, melancholia, metaphor, mexican folk art, monsoons, mythology, nostalgia, obscure pop culture references, ogres that work in libraries, parody, pathos, pcos, polycystic ovarian syndrome, postcrossing, pretties, putting birds on things, quaker parrots, rain, recovering from depression, recovering one's voice, remedios varo, satire, self-care, silliness, social anxiety disorder, sonoran desert, stardust, stargazing, stories about stories, surrealism, the library, the sea, thunderstorms, unspoken imagination, whimsy, women's health, women's spirituality, women's studies, wonderful words, words and guitar, zaniness
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