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The irony of my failure to keep updating this journal as planned is that in the past week or so I've actually had interesting things to post about. The first is my 35-hour mini trip to the Bay Area this past weekend to see Flight of the Conchords perform at the Berkeley Greek Theatre. The second is that I start a new job tomorrow after several months of unemployment. It's not glamorous, and it certainly doesn't pay well, but it's something. Because I didn't have any appropriate work clothes, my sister (who also starts a new job next week) and I went shopping today. The funny thing is that both of us have difficulty finding clothes that fit--she's too small to fit most straight sizes, and I'm too big. Luckily we were both able to find some things, and she made me laugh when she said she was really hoping to find some black heels that didn't have Dora the Explorer on them.

Thank you!

May. 4th, 2010 09:17 pm
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A huge thank you to [personal profile] lavendertook for generously gifting me another year (!) of premium paid (!!) account time. I'll do my best to put it to better use this year. :D

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Right now a lot of the local desert plants are blooming, so the other day I took my camera with me on my walk through the neighborhood.

Blooming prickly pear cactus against a clear blue sky.

More prickly pear and a few friends )
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Inspired by Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, I've decided to start posting more public (or semi-public, as the case may be) entries here. I don't imagine it'll be terribly exciting--just little notes about things going on in my life right now, with the occasional link or photo thrown in for added interest.

Today I had a really good experience seeing my new primary care provider. She was nice, empathetic and personable, and from what I can tell she seems to know her stuff. There was no lecturing, no shaming, and no pressure to try a particular therapy or medication. She was also respectful and knowledgeable about alternative and complementary therapies, which is an added bonus. Tomorrow I go back to get some lab work done, and while I'm a little nervous about what that's going to reveal, I'm feeling positive about working with my PCP to get/stay healthy.
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(If a bit belatedly.) Thank you very much to [staff profile] denise for providing me with the original invite code for this journal and to [personal profile] lavendertook for her very generous gift of a year's worth of premium paid account time (!) with which to make it all sparkly and pretty. :D

The perfectionist in me would prefer to have my profile, userpics, and customised layout all solidly in place before I post my first entry, as if to set the stage for all the fabulous content to follow. Sadly, if I were to wait for all of that to happen I'd never actually post. So for the time being let's just say that I expect that this journal will contain snapshots of my daily life interspersed with the occasional pop culture or fandom squeeing. The rest will come in its own time.


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